Look, bro. You want to believe in god? Fine. I've got no problem with that. If I did have a problem with that, I'd hate my parents. But I don't. Because my parents are good, kind, rational people who just happen to be Catholic. The key word is RATIONAL. My mum can think my dead brother is all chillin' out in heaven.… » 12/06/12 12:39am 12/06/12 12:39am

Robopocalypse was just kind of average, but this one has really sucked me in. Definitely, a part of it is that it takes place in my hometown— I can absorb the descriptions with uncanny vividness. There's an obvious allegory there, too, but he balances his writing just right— he's emotional enough that reading the… » 6/03/12 11:32pm 6/03/12 11:32pm

I can bring myself to ignore a lot of mistakes in movies, but I have to say, I don't enjoy them as much as I did fifteen years ago. I went to school for creative writing and not science (because, like a lot of Americans, I am horrible at math), so all of my astrophysics knowledge is self-taught. I can only imagine how… » 5/26/12 6:12pm 5/26/12 6:12pm

Thanks for sharing your story. I'll definitely check out the link. A bit of advice, though — don't pay for ad banners on the internet. Most people (including me) use browser apps like AdBlock that completely wipe ads off the face of the entire internet. And I know it might not seem like much coming from a woman who… » 5/20/12 7:32pm 5/20/12 7:32pm

Agreed. I think things were a bit... over the top... sometimes. Especially the dialogue. Whedon did a good job on the movie, but as expected, there were a bit too many Whedonisms in it— Thor's whole "he's adopted" line (funny, made me laugh, but COMPLETELY out of character), and people having too much snark who… » 5/05/12 11:34pm 5/05/12 11:34pm